Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's hot! What do you work on when it's hot?

It is finally hot here in Reno and so as I mentioned the other day I grabbed some of the new Hempathy and worked up a quick beret.

I am in LOVE with this yarn and want to get going on something bigger like a tank, or a vest.

This yarn is super special and it will be cool and drape nicely, so what's not to love.

Now if you want to know the pattern (which is why I debated on posting this) I haven't written it up yet, but will and am going to see who will want to test knit it for me until then happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne


  1. I volunteer to test knit for you Jeanne. My pleasure.

  2. That would be great email me at and we can get is going!