Friday, September 21, 2018

6 Patterns from the Dark Side of Ravelry

If you knit or crochet, you've probably been on before. And for good reason; this site gives crafters a platform to share projects, patterns, yarn, ideas, and information for others to enjoy! But as one travels deeper into Ravelry . . . they may find certain patterns/projects that are different from the rest. Here's a list of patterns that we found in what we like to call, "The Dark Side of Ravelry!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Home Decor We Adore

We as knitters and crocheters know that these crafts go well beyond beanies and scarves! Here are our top 10 favorite knit and crochet projects to make your home warm and cozy this fall!

3. Knit Collage Cast Away Holiday Stocking Kit (just in time for the holidays!)

5. Natural Life Llive Happy Collection (okay, okay, it may not be knitted, but it sure is cute!)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Our 15 Favorite Projects for Fall

The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and the leaves are starting to change. Yup, fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited (hello, knitting season!)! In honor of our favorite season, we’re sharing fifteen of our favorite fall projects that will inspire you to sit, knit, and enjoy the great indoors 😉.

8. Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Endless Wrap Kit (free pattern download thru 9/30/18)

Happy making! 

80s Sockbuster Movie Kits!

In a time full of reboots and remakes, we tend to look back on the days when films were truly . . . fun!
And if you’re looking for fun blockbusters, we’ll want to travel back to the 80s! The 1980s, that is
(not the 1880s, things weren’t as fun back then). So many classics emerged from this decade:
The Breakfast Club, Terminator, Aliens, The Shining, Die Hard, Gremlins, The Goonies. . . When we
were putting together these kits, we certainly had A LOT from which to choose.


What’s cooler than a time traveling Delorean? Not much, to be honest! Robert Zemeckis’
Back to the Future is an absolute classic. Marty McFly goes back in time 30 years and must find
a way back. . . TO THE FUTURE! Now that’s heavy. Good thing he’s got the past version of his pal,
Doc Brown, to help!

Image result for back to the future gif

Sixteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Candleeeeeeeeeesssss! It’s hard to think of a time when
Facebook wasn’t around to send birthday reminders! If that were the case, Samantha Baker
just might’ve had a happier day! But if you thought Back to the Future had some crazy time
travel, just watch this one. Okay, so it doesn’t *literally* have time travel, but Sixteen Candles
absolutely serves as a reminder as to what the 80s were like and the type of humor that was around

at the time. Let’s face it, this movie is not a squeaky-clean, family film. But if you’re wishing for

some 80’s nostalgia, then Sixteen Candles might just take the cake.

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
So true Ferris, so very true. But maybe Ferris is stopping to look around. . . too much. Just this
semester alone, he's skipped school niiiiiiine tiiiiimeeees. But audiences everywhere were
elated when we got to tag along with Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron on what is, unquestionably,
the greatest playing of hookie of all time. I think Ferris Bueller did more in one day than many
of us could’ve done in a week. How? He’s Ferris *freakin* Bueller, that’s how!

Image result for ferris bueller's day off gif

What's your favorite movie from the 80s??

matthew broderick s i made GIF

matthew broderick s i made GIF

go matthew broderick GIF

Friday, August 31, 2018

A Needle Guide for Your Needles

They say the pen is mightier than the sword... well what if I told you there was a magical thing that’s

the size of a pen, but as sharp as a sword? You’d call me a fool. I’d call you a monster, wiping away
my tears because I thought you were my friend, and I don’t understand why you’d choose to hurt me!

All kidding aside, you’d be wrong. That magical item exists...

Behold---the knitting needle.

These little babies come in all sizes and are made out of all kinds of stuff: aluminum, brass, steel,
bamboo, birch, plastic, and even carbon fiber. Knitting needles also come in several configurations:
single-pointed, double-pointed, and fixed circulars. Combine that with the various manufacturers of
these needles and you have A LOT of choices in front of you..

So, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re gonna check out which materials work best for certain yarn.
And then we’ll take a look at which needle types work best for which projects.


Wooden Needles

Wooden needles tend to be a bit more comfortable, as they are warm to the touch. They’re also quieter
than their metal counterparts. These needles grip yarn a little bit more due to the texture of their material.
So, if you’re using a yarn that’s a bit more slippery, wooden needles can keep it from sliding all over
the place. Here are some patterns/yarns that would be great for wooden needles!



Metal Needles

Metal needles stay cooler, and they are also sharper and smoother than other needles. This allows
you to slide the yarn along them more easily, making them better suited for speed-demon knitters
and/or those who tend to knit a bit tightly. Check out these patterns/yarns that are perfect for metal needles!


Plastic Needles and Hybrid Needles

Let's say you're at a bit of a crossroads. Wooden needles might be too rough for you, and metal needles are a bit too slick or cold. You're looking for something that's juuuuust right. Well buckle up, Goldilocks, because we're about to dive into the fun stuff. 

You see, plastic needles are great for heavier yarns, blends with synthetic fibers, and medium to tightly plied yarns. They're usually fairly pointy and are warm in your hands. Pretty cool, huh? And don't even get me started on hybrid needles. Karbonz, for example, boast a smooth, carbon fiber body. This make them both flexible and strong. Brass tips give them a sharp point, making them perfect for heavier yarns. 

So which needles sound right for YOUR project?

Friday, August 24, 2018

September In-sport-ation!

Tis the season! Crafting season, that is! Looking for a fun way to get a Head Start on the Holidays? Luckily, we Beans have come up with a plan to make sure that your loved ones get the gifts they love without all the added stress on your part! Because we love you.

There. . .  we said it.

If you haven’t heard of our Make-It Event, be sure to check it out on our Ravelry Page. And if you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve gathered five cool (free) patterns that you could potentially knit and crochet for next month’s weight!

4. Card Tower by Pink Araiguma

© Michelle Sprouse