Sunday, April 7, 2013

The MKAL of Ice and Fire Clue #2

Greetings fair citizens of Westeros! I hope this week has proven fun and productive for all of you! I’ve been lucky enough to attend VK Live in Seattle this past weekend and have had the immense pleasure of meeting some of you in person! It’s always such fun to meet customers in person, but it’s a huge honor to meet those of you who have joined me in this little online community through these KAL’s. Thank you for being here. I am truly one lucky gal to have such wonderful and kind folks supporting my passion. I truly appreciate you all.

Sorry to get all sappy on you, but I thought you should know how much y’all mean to me. :) As a reward, I give you this GoT themed meme. The gals at the JBW office and I got a good kick out of it. I hope you do too:

So, as promised, this week we are knitting some short rows. By now you should have completed Clue #1. If you haven’t yet done so, or you missed it, be sure to check out last week's post before starting this section. 

I noticed some of you struggling with the tension of the garter stitch section and I just wanted to mention that if you are still struggling, sometimes going down a needle size just for the edging is helpful. It might prevent some of the rolling that seems to be occurring.Then, you can bump back up to the regular gauge size for the rest of your work. It’s just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it. :)

Ok, so onto Clue #2 (if you’ve not marked the beginning of the round with a stitch marker, you’ll want to do so before starting this section):

-Rnd 1: K to 6 sts before marker, yarn forward, slip next stitch, yarn back, slip same stitch back to left needle, turn work.
-Rnd 2: P to 6 sts before marker, yarn back, slip next stitch, yarn forward, slip same stitch back to left needle, turn work.
-Rnd 3: K to 6 sts before last wrapped stitch, yarn forward, slip next stitch, yarn back, slip same stitch back to left hand needle, turn work.
-Rnd 4: Purl to 6 sts before last wrapped stitch, yarn back, slip next stitch, yarn forward, slip same stitch back to left needle, turn work.

*Rnds 5-8- repeat rnds 3 & 4 twice more.

Rnd 9: K to 2 sts before marker (picking up slipped stitch wraps and knitting them together with the slipped stitches as you come to them), yarn forward, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn work to purl back the opposite direction.
Rnd 10: Purl to 2 sts before marker (picking up slipped stitch wraps and purling them together with the slipped stitches as you come to them), yarn back, slip next stitch, yarn forward, turn work to knit back the opposite direction.
Rnd 11: Knit all the way around to marker (picking up slipped stitch wrap and knitting the two stitches together, you will not turn your work on this round.)
Rnd 12: Purl (picking up wrapped stitch and purling the two together when needed.)

*Repeat rounds 1-12 (entire short row section) twice more.

That’s it for Clue # 2! If you are searching for a nice looking way to pick up those wrapped stitches so that they are as invisible as possible, you’ll like this tutorial from my talented friend Julia (Farwell-Clay) over at her blog Moth Heaven. I really liked her explanation and I even used it myself to make picking up the wrapped stitches really nice looking.

Also, if you are new to short rows, aka “wrap and turns” this Instructional Video starring Jeanne is particularly helpful.

Again, please let me know if you have any questions! I’ll try and check in at some point on Sunday, but I must apologize in advance for my absence today. I will be at VK Live working all day and probably not have many opportunities to check in but I promise I’ll be back online on Monday. Thanks so much for understanding. If you just so happen to be in the Seattle area, feel free to stop by the Jimmy Beans/ Cascade yarns booth and say hello or get help on your project. I’ll be there all day. :)

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and happy knitting!


Sherman Hill Knits said...

It was great to meet you in person at vk live. Great to meet online friends in person. That's happened to me a couple of times this weekend:)

crystal said...

yarn forward, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn work ( do you slip the wrapped stitch back before turning or knit or purl it depending on row ? ) thanks

msbeames said...

I'm stuck on row 3.

KarenSantaFe said...

I have the same question: in the instructional video link, she wraps the stitch,turns the work, and slips the wrapped stitch --unworked eg no knit or purl -- onto the right needle. Sooooo, do we do that now? The instructions don't say slip wrapped titch back over but should we? Help!

Jenni Kane said...

So great to meet you at VKL. I live for you MKAL's. Please keep them coming :}

KristenJBW said...

Jenni Kane and Sherman Hill Knits- It was so great to meet you this weekend too! What a fun whirlwind it was!

Crystal and KarenSantaFe- I've updated the post to include slipping the stitch back to the original needle after the wrap. So sorry for my late-night omission of such an important step! Thanks for catching it and please let me know if there are any more questions.

msbeams- I am happy to try and help. What seems to be the issue with Row 3? :)

Thanks everyone!

egooding said...

Hi Kristen,

I first want to say I am really having fun with this KAL. I just wanted to suggest for future readers that in row 11 making it clear that you do not turn the work like we had been. I was one of the few that misread and had to completely frog and start over. Just a suggestion. Most of us got it the first try, i sadly was not one of the masses....

Thanks again for doing this KAL!!!! I love the end product so far and I LOVE LL:)


crystal said...

thanks so much :) there is a really good FREE class on craftsy on short rows.
haPPy knitting :)

Renee said...

I just read these post and now realize I have the entire section wrong because I did not reslip my stitch. I wondered but just blindly followed the directions. So my question I need to frog or will be ok? And if I need to frog how do I run a life line in already knitted work?

Christina said...

So I've never done a short round before so I'm a little hazy on the end.

-Rnd 1: K to 6 sts before marker, yarn forward, slip next stitch, yarn back, slip same stitch back to left needle, turn work.

For knitting in the round, do I need to turn the work inside out is that what you mean? And do I finish knitting the row after I have do the wrapping of the stitch?

msbeames said...

Thank you!

Nancy said...

Kristen, In reading through the instructions, the very last one says: "Repeat rounds 1-12 twice more"

Do you mean rounds 11-12? This would correspond with the previous group of rounds.


KristenJBW said...

Hi egooding!

That is a really good point! I've edited the post to attempt to clarify that point. I hope it helps.

Glad you are having fun so far!!!

KristenJBW said...

Hi Renee!

You should be fine! As long as the section looks ok to you, don't worry to much about the technical aspect. There is more than one school of thought on short rows but the results are similar. Just think of it as your personal design element! :)

Happy knitting!

KristenJBW said...

Hi Christina,

If turning the work inside out helps you keep things straight, by all means feel free. You don't have to turn your work inside out though. To "Turn work" as it says in the pattern, simple rotate the work around so that the inside of the work is facing you as you purl back the other direction. Basically, you are just switching the direction you are knitting. I hope this helps clarify. Let me know if not!

Happy knitting!

KristenJBW said...

Hi Nancy!

Nope, you are repeating the whole thing, rounds/rows 1-12 twice more. Each one of these sections creates the piece of the pie. You want to have 3 of these "pie" sections. I hope this helps!


battatter said...

ooh question!
I have just finished row11 of clue 2. Do I pass the stitch marker and purl (continuing in the same direction) or do I stop at the stitch marker and turn the work and purl back around?
Thanks for your help!

battatter said...

oops, sorry! I was going from a previously printed page, I see you have changed the pattern to clarify this! Thanks!

Christina said... I think I got it. 6 from the end do the yarn front slip yarn back slip same stitch, turn it so the purl side is facing me and purl back the way I came right? I was worried about what would happen to those last stitches after I shorted the row.

Hadley said...

I am so impatient for clue #3...

Anne L in Iowa said...

I have a question about row 10. In row 9 I have picked up all the wrapped stitches and knit them together. I made 1 more WT stitch at the end of row 9 and started purling back on row 10.

Where are the wrapped stitches that I'm picking up on this row? How many wrapped stitches should I be picking up on row 10?


Anne L in Iowa said...

Oops, disregard my question. I figured it out the moment I clicked "post".