Sunday, January 20, 2013

Downton Abbey Mystery KAL- Clue #3

Hi everyone! Welcome to week three! I am going to keep this week's post pretty brief because this week's clue has a less knitting than the prior weeks. I'm sure this will work out perfectly giving you plenty of time to brew some tea and enjoy the rest of your day. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. Wait, what IS a weekend? Right? :)

Jumping right in, here are links to the first two clues if you are just joining our KAL:

Clue #1

Clue #2

We've just finished the thumb gusset and put those stitches on a holder. You also joined the hand and worked rows 5-8 of the Rosebud Lace pattern one last time.

Finishing the Hand:

-K 5 more rounds
-Try on your gauntlet and measure how close you are to your ideal hand length. This part is customizable. If you only need 3/4" or less to be at your ideal length, move on to the garter stitch portion. If you need more than 3/4", knit a few more rows first.
-Work in Garter Stitch (knit a round, purl a round) for 10 more rounds or approximately 3/4".
-Bind-off and weave in ends.

Finishing the Thumb:

-Using your DPNs and beginning with the right side (lace side) of the gauntlet facing you, place your thumb stitches back on the needles in the following order: 5 on the first needle (needle 1), 6 on the second needle (needle 2), 5 on the third needle (needle3).
-Re-join your yarn at the last stitch on needle 3 and knit 1 round, picking up 2 sts along the opening between the thumb (on needles 1 and 3) and the rest of the hand to close up the gap.

*Note* If your thumb seems significantly smaller than the thumb opening after picking up these stitches, decrease the number of stitches on the thumb when you knit the next round by knitting these two picked up stitches together with the stitches on the right or left of them. (K2tog the first two sts of Needle 1 and K2tog the last two sts of needle 2.) Or, if you think you need more then that, decrease by however many stitches you think you need evenly throughout the row. I will leave this up to knitter's choice. However, you must pick these stitches up in order to seamlessly close up the thumb gap, but once you've done that, it's very easy to decrease back down to a size that works for you.

-Knit 4 rounds.
-Knit 6 rounds in garter stitch (knit one round, purl one round)
-Bind off and weave in your ends.

Thus endeth Clue #3!

Next week we get to find out what that provisional cast on was all about! :)

Happy knitting!

PS. If you are interested in knitting this same Rosebud Lace pattern but as a pair of socks, fellow Ravelrer patchworkgandalf has written up a simple sock pattern incorporating the lace pattern and wanted to offer it to you all for free. You can find it as a Ravelry Download here. She hasn't yet fully tested the pattern but is working on it! :)

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