Friday, December 21, 2012

What would you like to see?

As I sit here today trying decide what to write that you would enjoy reading, it occurred to me to ask you!  After all this blog is for you!

By nature I tend to be an introverted, sort of esoteric, rather nerdy thinker, the type that geeks out on contemplating using double knitting technique and 2 circular needles to knit 4 socks at a time. Ok, maybe a bit of an insane thinker!!! But you get the idea. What I might find interesting may just be too crazy for most people. LOL!

In my Goodale cardigan
So, going forward into the new year I'm considering many different ideas for my turn at blogging.  Since I'm the in-house teacher for Jimmy Beans, would you like to see more instructional type blogs from me?  If so what would you love to know more about? Do you prefer to read about what's new and interesting in the retail shop?  Do you like the idea of participating in knit, crochet, felt, sew or spin a-longs?  Do you like to read about what some of us are doing in our personal lives or projects that we're working on?  All of the above?

Your participation and feedback is so important to us!  Please let me know what you would like to read about each week by leaving a comment or emailing me at

Looking forward to hearing what you want to read!

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