Monday, September 26, 2011

The Truth is Out There...

That's right, there are really UFO's in my life and their little aliens want to take me to their leader! They actually live in my closet and have been probing my mind take action, which is just what I am going to do!

Okay, and I both know (at least, I hope you do!) that I am talking about my U.F.O.'s (a.k.a. unfinished objects/knitting projects). I yanked some of them out of the alien hive recently and have been just  plugging away at them. Focus, Jeanne...focus!

In the following pictures, you can see only a few of the 'aliens' I'm referring to. This is the point where I chose to begin the process of finishing all of my projects (gasp)!

Beginning at the upper right hand corner, you can see my China Vest from the book Folk Vests. I am so close to finishing this one, it's almost scary! Moving counter clockwise, you'll see my Lace Ribbon Scarf (out of Amber's 1st Kitchen LLE Shepherd Sock), the Be Sweet Diagonal Shawl I started some 2 years ago, my Shetland Cardigan (wince) from a very, very long time ago, and then  of course there is my Shoal Water Shawl and my Hemlock Ring. Can you hear that heavy sigh???

So, this is my plan. I will continue to work on my Umaro blanket, while finishing up one project at-a-time from the surviving projects on this list.

I am usually not a violent person but some of these projects must be torn apart to become something else. So, I'm going to take a deep breath and frog my Shoal Water Shawl and Hemlock Ring blanket. I know this will be a liberating experience and the yarn will just go back into my stash to someday become something else which will actually be finished!

However, I have decided that I am ABSOLUTELY going to finish my China Vest and my Shetland Sweater. So the vest will be first, with the sweater next in line.

The sad thing is that these are only a few of the projects that I have to make decisions about. Baby steps, right?! These projects are the first on the list and I am really going to focus - really this time! :)

I will most likely fall back into the control of the aliens soon as I do have some Mukluk slippers to make for gifts...but I am truly committed to this cause and will fight hard to stay on track!!!

As Elizabeth Zimmerman as my witness, I will finish something!! Wish me luck as I work to thwart the alien hoard living in my closet! How about you? Are you a million-projects-at-once kind of knitter or dedicated to one project at a time type of knitter? How do you tackle your own U.F.O.s (if any)? Any useful tips for knitters like myself?

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!! Jeanne

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