Friday, September 2, 2011

A "Rustic Wedding" Story...

Rustic Wedding
The Ladies
Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!  We’ve had some really exciting things happening around the shop this week that Jeanne will be sharing with you on Monday.  In the meantime, I wanted to tell you all a little story about something that is near and dear to my heart.  Our Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition color for September, “Rustic Wedding” was inspired by my own nuptials last year!

My husband Nick and I were married on September 25th, 2010 at Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola, California about an hour away from Reno.  We will celebrate our one year anniversary in just a few short weeks and couldn’t be more excited that Jimmy allowed us to commemorate our first year with our very own Lorna’s Laces color!  

The Gents
Grizzly Creek Ranch has long been a special place for Nick and I.  We both discovered our love for education and working with kids while working at various camps and outdoor science school there over the last few years.  Yep, Grizzly Creek Ranch is a summer camp!  We knew from the moment we got engaged (maybe even before) that we would get married there so that all of our family and friends could come and stay the weekend and enjoy being in the great outdoors with us. 

The decor

Our wedding was such a labor of love and handmade goodness.  A good friend of ours married us, a close family friend who is also a florist did all of the flowers, our amazing photographer Lucas is my best friend’s brother (who is also like a big brother to me), an unimaginable number of family and friends showed up early to help decorate, my mother made all of the table cloths,  runners and bunting, I made my own veil, several friends made pies, and another friend DJ’d.  Nick and I even brewed some of our own wedding beer and we spent months ahead of time making homemade strawberry and cherry jam to give to all of our guests!  

My bridesmaid and now
Sister-in-law, Mary
showing off the
lovely bouquets

In the grass surrounded by trees.
We really wanted to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings, and used that to inspire our wedding theme.  The ranch sits on 1,700 acres of Jeffrey Pine forest at the northernmost end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  It’s simply stunning.  We settled on chocolate brown- the color of the pine cones scattering the forest floor, various shades of orange- the color of my favorite gerbera daisies and desert paintbrush, chartreuse green- the color of my favorite button mums, and of course cream for the dahlias that adorned my bouquet and veil.  Our flowers consisted of mixed wildflowers to suit the location.

Girls in boots.
As my father marched me down the aisle, another good friend of ours serenaded everyone with the Ukelele to the tune of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Wagon Wheel”.  I wore red cowboy boots under my dress.  Yes, that’s right, red.  The gentlemen wore bolo ties made by my late grandfather who was a big rockhound.  Nick and I asked several of our closest friends to give readings during the ceremony while guests sat on chairs and quilts in the grass.  Later we feasted on southern-style barbeque and pie.

My mother, the amazing woman
who taught me to knit. :)
Our wedding, like so many other beautiful weddings we’ve been to, was an amazing day that allowed Nick and I to express our personalities and share our love for each other with our family and friends.  We felt so much love around us that night as we celebrated with our loved ones.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  I feel so honored that we now have our own Lorna’s Laces color to commemorate that day for us!  Thanks so much to all of you for allowing me to share Nick’s and my story here, and again to Jimmy (aka. Laura) for allowing us to design an LLE color!  
Nick, Wallace, and I
Amber and I after she caught
the bouquet!
We hope you all like the color and I can’t wait to see and hear about all of the projects people come up with for it!  All of us little beans think it’s the perfect color for fall!   Also, a fun little tidbit... Amber, another of our little beans, actually caught the bouquet at my wedding, and is now getting married at Grizzly Creek Ranch this month too!  So exciting!  I'm sure a wedding color for her is in the future too. :)

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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