Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally - Chengdu!

Read about Ailene's life as she finally arrives in Chengdu, China.

Finally - Chengdu!
Blue skies! There were BLUE skies today. I woke up this morning, and I could not believe it. It was like a whole new world. So amazing. I honestly did not think I would have the chance to see blue skies again until I got home. We have been in Chengdu for almost 2 weeks and that week in Beijing and almost every day was humid and the skies were “overcast” so I never saw any blue skies. But I guess those really were clouds (for the most part) here in Chengdu. I caught the tail end of a really beautiful day for you to see! For you it might be ordinary sky, but for me it was a miracle. Appreciate it people. You don’t know what you have. Missing those open blue skies surrounded by mountains at home. Among some other things. Lol I figure I’ll have a list in a few weeks. I’ll share with you when it is a little more substantial.

I only caught the tail end of it, but it was completely clear this morning...I swear!

The weather here is really great though otherwise. It has been raining at night the past couple nights, leaving the city a lot cooler with less humidity. If only every day were like this weather. Perfect. Not too hot, but not so cool that you have to put on a jacket. And barely any humidity. That’s the best part. Lol So a few of you have been curious, so here is what my apartment looks like. Captions included.

Apartment buildings are definitely the norm here. View from my bedroom window.

My bedroom! I lucked out and got the biggest one.

Super tiny kitchen.

The maid's door...what?! lol These apartments were intended for rich people. The maid has a separate entrance to keep her away from the rich folk.

Our living room. In the side of the picture you can see the rack where we dry our clothes. No dryers here. Luckily no handwashing though.

This apartment is A LOT bigger than what I expected. My classmates in the dorms even have really big single rooms. And by Chinese standards, we are in big spaces. In the Chinese dorms at school, it is 4 to a small room with no heating. We are definitely just as lucky here as we are back home. Our particular apartment is a little bit run down but we are definitely okay here. We even have an extra bedroom since there is only 2 of us! Ever drop by in Chengdu during the semester and I have a place for you to stay. lol

Whelp, I figure that’s a pretty good introduction to life for me here in Chengdu. Definitely more to come!


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