Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hannah Fettig of Knitbot designs and a Coastal Knits giveaway!

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Hello everyone!  We have a special treat for you today!  Hannah Fettig, of Knitbot designs, updated us about her latest projects including “Coastal Knits,” her new book collaboration with fellow blogger and designer Alana Dakos of “Never Not Knitting”.  (And check back next week for a follow-up guest blog post with Alana!) Here's the juicy scoop:  
1.  JBW- Tell us about Coastal Knits--we are so excited to get our hands on a copy! 
Coastal Knits
HF- Coastal Knits is a compilation between myself and Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.   It features ten designs inspired by Alana's California and my Maine coastlines. Each design is inspired by specific places in our local areas and is accompanied by photographs and essays on the location's special meaning to us.

2.  JBW-  So when is Coastal Knits going to be available?
HF-  Pre-orders will start in the next week or two and the book is actually due to release in October.
Featherweight Cardi

3.  JBW-  How exciting! The book sounds really wonderful. Tell us a little bit about Knitbot, where does the name come from and how did you get started on the designing path?  
HF- Back before Ravelry existed (it's hard to remember that time!) my husband and I had a similar idea and had reserved the domain name Knitbot.  I started blogging in that space, and the name carried forward to my self published pattern line.  My first designs were for The Fibre Company, the original mill was here in Portland, Maine, right down the street from the yarn shop I worked at.  I attended TNNA with them one summer and ended up meeting the editor for my first book, Closely Knit.  What really jump started my career was the popularity of my Whisper Cardigan pattern, which was published in the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits.  This lead to my Featherweight Cardigan pattern, which is my most popular design to date.  I continue to strive to design simple, wearable knits.  My designs are a great way to showcase luxury yarns.
Coastal Knits

4.  JBW-  So, as an independent designer, do you have any advice for those folks out there who are just starting to design as well? 
HF- Discover your niche, and consistently move in that direction.  This allows you to build a fan base, if a knitter likes you're style they'll come back for more!  Be patient, it takes time to build a name for yourself.  Blog and submit to magazines. 

5.  JBW-  Now that Coastal Knits is completed what's next?
HF- Well, I keep saying I'm going to take a break, but somehow I always commit myself to SOMETHING!  At the moment I'm developing the Knitbot Snack Size Pattern series.  It's a web exclusive series of super basic accessories patterns, all at the snack size price of $2.49.  There will be 4 patterns in the series.  If it goes well I may do another series in the Spring. 
Coastal Knits

6.  JBW-  Now for some fun questions...what time do you start work each day?
HF-  I work at home, with a toddler running between my legs!  I usually package wholesale orders first thing in the morning and answer any e-mail.  Then during my son's nap I get a good chunk of design related work done.  For this project with Alana, we're in different time zones.  A lot of the work for Coastal Knits happened at night! 

7.  JBW-  And now for the really important stuff...Coffee or tea?
HF-  Coffee - specifically Americano, please! 
Coastal Knits

8.  JBW-  If you could live anywhere else in the world (including the US) where would it be?
HF-  Honestly, right here in Portland, Maine.  I love to travel, to cities especially, but I am always so happy to be in my home town!  But I will say, part of my heart lives in San Francisco (just like the song says!)

9.  JBW-  Any new hobbies?
HF-  Cooking!!  I'm obsessed with Heidi Swanson and Alice Waters right now.  They are teaching me how to do it right! 

10.  JBW-  What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?:
HF-  Giving birth - I'm still really proud of myself for that one!  I had a super long labor and pushed for 7 hours.  He finally came out!

11. JBW-  What is your favorite place to travel or vacation?
Hannah herself!
HF-  San Francisco. 
Thank you so much Hannah for answering all of our serious (and not so serious) questions and for sharing this space with us.  For more information about Hannah Fettig and Knitbot, check out her blog and designs at http://knitbot.com.
Hannah and Alana have also generously offered to give away a copy of “Coastal Knits” to one lucky Jimmy Beans Wool blog reader!  To be eligible to win, please leave a comment describing your favorite knits to wear on the coast, or a favorite design of Hannah’s by Tuesday at 6pm, PST.  We’ll choose a winner at random and announce it here next week when we interview Alana Dakos of “Never Not Knitting” and get her take on Coastal Knits as well!
See you all next week!

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