Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 Posts in one day and stardom...

Well, we are so excited around the shop, as the last couple of days have been really hectic! We have been included in the top 5000 small businesses in the country which is published by Inc. 500 5000 Magazine! We are 3253 on the list and considering there are some 27 million small businesses in the United States that's no small feat! All three of our local Reno News Stations have picked up the story and channel 2, KTVN, did quite an in depth little story/video that you may enjoy looking at.

The truly exciting part of the KTVN interest was that they sent their anchor, Tom Henkenius, a 2 time Emmy winner out to interview us, WOW! It was so much fun and as some of you know I ride a Harley motorcycle, so that came into play too! My 30 seconds of fame ha ha ha!! Amber and Laura made appearances too and looked fabulous darling! It made us feel like stars having such a top story teller come to visit and get this, he knits!! How cool is that? The camera man knits too and I have invited both of them to come in anytime to hang out with their sticks and bits of yarn.

Thanks to all of you out there who are such fantastic customers and have helped us get to where we are. Without you we wouldn't be anywhere and we know it!

Have a great day and knit on! Jeanne :)

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