Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Organizing stash, or the taming of the yarn??

I have been overwhelmed with my stash of late and as most of you know it's a bit LARGE after working at Jimmy's, sheesh!! I am sure that Laura orders things that target me specifically, but with that said (come on Laura give me a break) I had to get a handle on what I actually have.

A while back I built a lovely display for my prized collection out of those metal mesh cubes and it was great, UNTIL I would suddenly get inspired and pull something out of the 'display' to play with. Down would come a bag, ball, or hank of something and I was so inspired to do whatever I would be into at the moment, that it would lay there looking forelorn until something else would come down to join it. I am most certain that at night the yarn, needles, notions and what not would have a party and multiply until I couldn't see my work table underneath.

A quick side note on the new Namaste line of bags and Needle Binders, etc., I got a Lime binder and of course a bag, (the Malibu) but I am a bag addict too! I am taming my circulars with the binders and the extra mesh inserts, (why do I have so many US 6 needles?) wahoo! I am so thrilled that we got this line into the shop and well I just can't toot this horn too much!

I confess I have a problem and I just couldn't see my way through the mess to work on it. I would make an attempt once a week to get it tamed, but as I unearthed something I would again want to play and well there you go off to the races again!

Soooooo my husband and son are out of the country touring Jordan, Egypt, Israel and some other exotic places (HOT) for the next 2 weeks, so I decided to take the yarn by the fibers and make a big change! I would be taking pictures of this process for you, but I loaned my camera to my son for the trip (Chris you better take care of that camera if you ever want to drive again :) and alas you don't get ongoing pictures, sorry. However, I promise to get you organized pictures and maybe I am kind of glad that you can't see my true nature in this mess that I have created.

Ok, ok, moving on to the Que theroy of knitting and I know quite a few of you who use this theroy with great success, hmmmm, we will see how it goes for me. I bought 30 letter size cardboard boxes and have so far used 18 (and counting) to carefully house my stash. Now hold on to your computer, but I am even labeling the boxes with the contents of my prized yarn, wow! See Laura I can do it if I really put my mind to it LOL :) of course the true test will come once I allow myself the 5 qued projects and devote myself to them. I mentioned this to Kristen who said she thinks that she has about 12 on the needles right now and I haven't even gotten to my UFO's yet, which are housed in 2 cubes.

So what to que that is the question? I am still on my Knitting Pure and Simple Open Summer Sweater, #294 out of the Oasis yarn. I have my stalled but not forgotten Shoalwater Shawl by Fibertrends out of the Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. There are socks galore at least 5-8 pairs in various stages of completion and I know somewhere in the mess is the Icarus Shawl begun in Misti Alpaca Lace yarn.

Naturally since this whole situation occurs in my bedroom I had to clean my closet out (hence the doing this while my guys are out of town for 2 weeks, will that be enough time?) and so I have piles of stuff for charity laying in heaps and the metal hangers have multiplied to the point of four paper bags (for recycling) and counting.

Stay tuned and if I can dig my way out of the yarn, clothes, hangers and dust bunnies I will give you an update soon!

As always happy knitting and lots of cool drinks in the shade, oh yea with knitting/crocheting!!


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