Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An ode to too much knitting...

Ok so maybe not quite an Ode, but a bit of a whine; I am sore and knitting is part of the problem. I am also sleeping on my shoulder in a way that is causing it to get worse. I am trying to sleep in a new way with pillows supporting the shoulder, on the other side, but alas, I fall asleep and seem to end up in the wrong position again. So I am having to curb my knitting and knit big yarn with big needles. It does help, but I have had to put my love for socks completely aside for the moment and even my Shoalwater Shawl is on hold. Boo Hoo poor me! Ok enough whinning!

I decided to do some stash diving and came up with some (discontinued) Rowan yarn, Chunky Print, for the Court House Steps, log cabin blanket from the first Mason Dixon Knitting. I am using a US 11, but don't despair if you don't have some Chunky Print hanging around, I highly recommend a look at the Lamb's Pride bulky for this one. I decided that I wanted to add a little color to the beige steps and grabbed some bulky in color, Prairie Fire.

How about really doing a soft snuggly Log Cabin in the Misti Alpaca Chunky, multi and solid? I love the patterns in the book and this is so fun and easy. I am going to just knit it until my stash is gone and then if it isn't the size I want, I will just add more Prairie Fire and do a mitered border.

Well back to the Advil for my hands and shoulder and off the help with your knitting projects.

As always happy knitting! Jeanne

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