Friday, January 9, 2009

I do solemnly promise...

Not to be a Bridezilla! In a few months someone will comment they were my (Ashley) last words before being exiled to some faraway island for control freaks....but for now my intentions are good!

Cory (my boyfriend of two and a half years and friend since...oh I forget) asked me to marry him last Friday! Even though I sort of thought he had something up his sleeve, it still left me speechless--for almost too long, I think!

So now with my big news out, the wedding plans...ahem, or at least ideas...are starting to absolutely flood my brain. It's going to be a very much DIY-wedding, and we are determined to really make it reflect who we are. I think those are the most memorable, and most affordable (most of the time!!) weddings anyway.

By now I'm sure you've noticed my fixation on handmaking gifts, so here is my dilemma: Of course I want to make the gifts for my three (four?) bridesmaids, but they are all so very different--different interests, styles, body types, personalities. It's actually kind of funny that they're all my closest friends...oh and they all live in different climates (they are all from Reno, and that might be the only thing they have in common!). I'm not exactly stuck on knitting them something--I do know how to make jewelry, scrapbook, etc...but knitting is really 'my thing' with all of them, so I think a knitted gift would be really special.

They aren't really shawl/wrap wearing girls, so that's out. Two of them live in warmer climates, but visit Reno scarves might not be entirely inappropriate. But, before I decide on anything (I'm like this with everything about the wedding!) I'd love to get some more I ask you this: What do other knitting brides knit their bridesmaids (if anything? or am I crazy to try and knit things while planning a wedding?!)??


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