Monday, November 24, 2008

Who me, finish a Sweater?

Who me, finish a sweater? Never!!

I finally did it - finished this sweater that's been sitting here for over a year. i think i only had a few inches - and the collar - left to go, so i thought i'd just get to knittin' this weekend. Yep - it was me, my GGH Cashmere (stash yarn that was a gift from my favorite people at Muench/GGH/Lana Grossa), and the Lifetime Movie Network.

The sweater fits pretty well, but i did end up with 2 sleeves that aren't exactly the same size. In fact, the right sleeve is probably an inch bigger. oh well - if you don't tell anyone, i won't either. Plus, my theory is this: if you can find the flaws in my hand-knit sweater, then you're simply looking TOO CLOSELY! haha.

I think i've mentioned before that this is the 2nd time i've knit this pattern (from Rebecca Magazine #9). the first time, i remember knitting the last few inches while doug and i were on our 1st anniversary... we took the amtrak train from SF to paso robles - and had a great time. It's just beautiful there! (and the wine doesn't make things any worse).

oh yeah - one last thing (then we're off to reno - we added a new phone line and need to do some adjustments) - guess how much yarn i had leftover? Um, yep ... just a few yards. that's the problem with knitting from your stash. I actually had to stop knitting on the body and then knit the collar... cause i figured it would be easier to make the body longer through blocking than it would be to lengthen the collar. then i cut whatever yarn i needed for sewing up the seams... and then used that last bit of yarn to knit on the body for as long as i could. I haven't blocked it yet (it's nice and poofy now, so i'm not sure if i'll do a full block or not), but it seems long enough for now.

And i have a new project in mind... i'll share it with you before thanksgiving!
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