Friday, September 26, 2008

Gone Fishin Socks Almost Done!

As usual, i'm on my way out the door - we're interviewing potential employees for the shop and i have 5 2nd interviews today - yay! I wanted to show you how my socks are turning out, though... the main color is the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in September's Limited Edition color - Gone Fishin'.

I used brick for the toes and heels.... i have a size 7.5 foot and made the cuffs about 4 inches, because i only had 1 hank of the Gone Fishin... and i knit until i ran out - and then picked up the Brick for the toes.

It worked out perfectly! Since i have a bunch of the brick left over (i just bought 1 ball), i was going to pick up at the top of the cuff and knit for a couple of inches (you can kinda see that i started to do that on my tattooed - yuck! - leg). However, i had gotten about 10 rows done by the time we got the cancun airport - on our way home from vacation. And guess what? They took my addi circular needles! I had to pull them out of the daggone sock and give them up - AND i had 2 other pair in my bag... and they took those too! I couldn't believe it - $40 down the drain. And i bet they just throw them away. It literally made me sick (in fact, if you promise not to laugh, i'll admit that i actually did shed a few tears - i'm such a baby when i don't get my way!). Anyway, 1 week later, I'm still a bit scarred from the experience and haven't bought replacement sets... instead, i went back to working on my Panda Silk DK gloves. I still need to get a new camera (i guess my old one didn't like being dropped so often) and then will take a pic of the glove that i finished.

Oh yeah! We were in mexico during Hurricane Ike - here's what the sky looked like on one of the days that it passed by... it was amazing!
Ok - gotta run - i have an interview to conduct in about an hour - and i'm pretty sure the interviewee would appreciate it if i showered beforehand :)
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