Friday, August 22, 2008

End of a Long Story Short?

It's been 7 weeks since that fateful fall into the bush.

7 weeks = 49 days. With a hole in my leg.

Yes, i still have a hole in my leg. And yes, until yesterday, i was still on antibiotics ... 26 pills total.
(Of course, now that i have a case of the hives, they told me that i've likely developed an allergy to the pills). The good news is... we now know why my leg refused to heal.

Disclaimer: don't read this if you get grossed out.

ok...apparently... when i fell on that bush, the end of the branch broke off inside of my leg. An entire inch of it! Let's just say that, on tuesday, the branch started to make itself known ... so we went to the doctor (they let me in immediately w/o an appointment - it was great!) and then yanked it out of my leg (after they fileted my leg, of course). Uncomfortable? Yes. Liberating? You betcha! It feels like i have lost about 10 pounds. I'm not joking - i was almost in tears, I was so happy to know why i wasn't healing... and so happy to know that the end really is in sight this time. i'm so happy and relieved right now - i barely even notice the hives that i've had since tuesday night. :)

anyway, that's the end of a long story... abridged. and yes, i do have photos.

I am so ready to get back to my normal, inspired, energetic life. I never realized how much a lack of running and exercise could bother me. Just ask the girls at the store... for the last 7 weeks i've been grouchy, depressed, sensitive and just a real.... um, stick in the leg.

But i'm back! And i'm ready to have the best Fall of my life. I'm going to run and play and knit my heart out (check out my panda silk dk gloves) ... and i simply cannot tell you how excited i am about some of the new stuff we're receiving over the next few weeks (new artyarns - regal silk, beaded mohair and sequins and more!), della q, indie dyer, and lornas colors). In fact, i spent a good part of last night casting on and ripping out - trying to settle on some fun socks for doug's dad (since i only have 2 fingers left on the gloves, i figured it was time to start on something else). My camera just died this morning, otherwise i'd show you what i settled on: socks knit 2 at a time using the CPY Maizy (1 row of nightshades and 1 row of taupe). I thought he might get a kick out of socks that were knit from corn fiber... being from Wisconsin and all. I'll show you a pic once my camera comes back to life! And let me just tell you, i am seriously impressed with Melissa's book (the 2 at a time socks)... she makes it look so easy! It's really the first knitting book that i've actually started to read - i love it!

Well, i'm off to take the dogs for a short walk... It's funny - Buddy doesn't seem to be staying as close to me these last few days - before, when i would run a few steps, he would immediately chase after he was playing fetch with my leg or something.

Ok, i'm making that part up :)
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