Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It at first sight when the Purelife British Sheep Breeds came in last week with the 847 lbs of Rowan. I'll admit, the Purelife line appeals to my dorky side--the British Sheep Breeds book and yarn have a little blurb about all four of the breeds used, and each of the yarn colors is from a specific breed. And, it's a renewable resource--an annual shearing--so it appeals to my greener side, too.
Then I saw the British Sheep Breeds book that goes with it--the cover jacket (Gayle) is absolutely wonderful. I just had to knit it! I chose the Dark Grey Welsh though--the Bluefaced Leicester would terrify me (aside from knitting I have messy hobbies--cars, target shooting, etc. and though I know I won't dare wear this coat to anything like that, there's usually some 'evidence' in my car that I accidentally come in contact with!)
I went home that night and got started--after casting on with the wrong size needles (yep, I can't be left to my own devices when I'm this excited!) and tearing the whole thing out, I'm about halfway through the first chart repeat. The chart isn't exactly for the faint of heart and I'll be honest--I've never knit a cable before in my life and never knit from a chart either. It's beautiful though--and the pattern is pretty darn clearly written. Just proof that if you're patient with yourself and don't mind asking questions you can knit anything. I love it! It's a rough wool, definitely best suited for outerwear, but I can tell it's going to be exceptionally warm, and the cables are amazing!
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