Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going to TNNA in Columbus... What Project do i Take?

Well, we're off to Columbus in 2 days for the TNNA trade show. Doug, Ashley (ecommerce manager), her boyfriend and I will be flying there Friday and returning Sunday. It's a convention center full of yarn, bag, and needle vendors. Basically, it's like Stitches for yarn shops. We'll go in, circle the floor, and get completely overwhelmed (that's why i almost never go - it's simply too overwhelming). It should be fun, though - i have tons of meetings scheduled & will be having dinner with Beth & her husband (from Lorna's Laces) on Friday night. They are some of my favorite people in the world.

In the meantime, Doug has been furiously working on getting 50 videos up to We think they'll be up by this afternoon, so i'll share the links then. I'm so excited - and think you will be too! Once we get back from Columbus, we should be able to film another 50-100 and will have those up by the end of the month. We're thinking of holding a customer filming event on KIP (knit-in-public) day - i'll keep you posted.

So, more importantly... what project am i going to take with me this weekend? I'm almost done with Aimee's blanket and am ready to do something else. Here's my dilemna: we just got a new yarn in last week - SouthWest Trading Company's Therapi... it's made from Jadeite, Wool and Silk and we are all drooling over it. I love the yarn - and the name- but i'm not sure yet what to do with it. At the same time, there is a classic elite pattern that i can't stop looking at: the hoodie in soft linen (out of the make it modern booklet, which we are out of - again!). The soft linen is amazing yarn, but since it's still 36 degrees here on the 4th of June, i need something that's a bit warmer... enter the Therapi.
I just feel guilty using the classic elite pattern and not using the classic elite yarn. But i guess i'll get over it, eh?

Ah! One question: we had some JBW slick folders made - they have 2 pockets and are perfect for holding a few patterns. We had to get 250 of them made, even though we really only need about 50 of them. Do you think people would like getting them with their orders? Maybe orders for patterns? Or would most people just throw them away? Any thoughts would be great!

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