Saturday, May 10, 2008

3,000 Miles and 14 Hours of Sleep Later...

I'm back in the saddle - and can finally see straight again. Every trip back east (and south) is a whirlwind - and one in which i get very little sleep. The combination of the time change, the gallons of straight black coffee, and visiting with people that routinely start the day at 5am leaves me tired, dehydrated, and just all together out of it. When i returned home on Tuesday, i spent about 3 hours on the coach, and then spent the next 14 hours asleep. But I always have a lot of fun.

This trip started with me, doug, and 90 yr old gramps visiting the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania. Just a few minutes from his house, we started there around 10am (that's 7am pacific time - ugh!!).

Now, i don't know what Doug and I were thinking, but for some reason we were expecting to see the innerds of a chocolate factory. We both LOVE watching how stuff is made and were truly excited to finally see those little Hersheys Kisses getting wrapped in silver paper. Little did we know that the 'tour' was really a kiddie roller coaster ride - complete with singing cows (see above) and chocolate perfumed air! We giggled for most of the ride, but found ourselves starving for chocolate by the end of it. If you have kids (or are a kid yourself), i'd highly recommend going on this free tour. They even handed out little squares of chocolate at the end.

The most exciting part, though, was being asked later to participate in a chocolate chip taste test. How could life get any better? They were going to GIVE US free chocolate as payment for EATING chocolate. I love Hershey. :)

Ok - gotta run - we're going to take the dogs for a walk - more details later... (doesn't gramps look handsome? Did i already mention that he's 90??!! - um, yes, his friends threw him a surprise birthday party for his 90th. 73 people attended - i'm just glad he had the pacemaker installed before the surprise. )
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