Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Come Back Soon, Sandy!

Our thoughts are with Sandy and her pregnant daughter, Melissa. Melissa is almost ready to have her 2nd child (a girl!) and was recently put on bedrest (she lives in houston)... Since Melissa's last pregnancy was difficult, we knew that this one might also not be much fun. Well, Sandy got the call yesterday and told us that she was going down to Houston on Friday and that she would be gone for a number of weeks. We're going to miss her - but wish the best for Melissa!!
Funny - as soon as Jeanne found out, she immediately started writing down a bunch of technical knitting and crochet questions for Sandy to answer before she leaves... you see, Sandy is the smartest knitter of us all. If i knew 1/2 of what Sandy knows, i'd be twice as good of a knitter!
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